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ศูนย์ความเป็นเลิศด้านการวิจัยช้างและสัตว์ป่า มช.

Blood Compatibility Testing in Asian Elephant for Breeding Program project

Pregnancy in elephant is known to be approximately 22 months; therefore, the lost of fetus and abortion would be the tragic story. Feto-maternal blood incompatibility caused hematological defects affecting abortion and neonatal anemia that might be the risk of elephant calves loss. Thus, we detect blood compatibility in Asian elephant by using indirect antiglobulin technique in order to use as a tool for breeding program and to reduce the risk of elephant fetal loss. The blood incompatibility of particular breeding bulls and cows were observed, and suspected to be the cause of aborted calves. Our results would be benefit for breeding plan to avoid mating the reactive blood in addition to develop further study of elephant blood group and blood transfusion. This is the co-operative project between Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Associated Medical Science of Chiang Mai University, National Elephant Institute and Maesa Elephant camp.

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