Center of Excellence in Elephant and Wildlife Research, CMU

ศูนย์ความเป็นเลิศด้านการวิจัยช้างและสัตว์ป่า มช.

EREC Elephant Projects


The number of Asian elephants is decreasing at an alarming rate, primarily because of increasing of human population and elephant's natural habitat destruction, and it may soon (or already) reach the level where high levels of inbreeding are inevitable. Although established populations of domesticated- and semi-domesticated elephants exist, captive breeding is poorly successful due in large part to inadequate knowledge of the underlying physiology and resulting inappropriate management.

Thailand, elephant plays a role as a national identity, therefore conserving this chirismatic animals not only save the animal by itself but also save the Thai related history. EREC has been conducted many projects which aims to fulfill the lacking knowledge about elephant. Elephant in Thai culture, elephant genetics and elephant diseases are the examples of our ongoing projects.

Researching is one of our main goals due to we realise that the information about the Asian elephant in Thailand is limited and need to be studied in urgently before everything is going to be too late. We are hopefully that our research and study could provide some relavent informations for interested people, more or less.

Example of EREC involved projects including,